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Phrasal Verbs with Prepositions and Nouns: Short List 1

Фразовые глаголы с предлогами и существительными: Краткий список

В этой конструкции, предлог принадлежит существительному, но выбор предлога диктуется глаголом, т.е. глагол и предлог создают значение фразового глагола вместе. Подходящее существительное (или его заменитель) выбирается говорящим и всегда стоит после своего предлога.

Verbs, with definitions Examples Translation
account for something - to explain the reason of something How can you account for your absence at the meeting? объяснить причину чего-то
account to someone - to provide a report on money spending to someone You will account to the Finance Director for the money you spend. отчитываться перед кем-то за денежные траты
accuse someone of something - to charge someone with something wrong (e.g. a crime, an offense) He was accused of murder. They accused him of murder. He was accused of stealing the money. обвинить кого-то в чем-то плохом (в преступлении, в совершении проступка)
add something to something - to put something together with something else She added a little milk to coffee. Add two to three - how much do you get? добавить, прибавить что-то к чему-то
agree about / on something - to have the same opinion about something as someone else They agree about everything. They don't always agree on the way children should be raised. соглашаться (друг с другом) по каким-то вопросам
agree with someone / something - to have the same opinion as someone else I don't agree with you about it. I don't agree with your plan. соглашаться с кем-то / чем-то
answer for something - to be responsible for one's actions He will have to answer for what he has done. отвечать за действия
apply for something - to make an application or request for something He applied for the position of a sales representative. I want to apply for a job. подать заявление с просьбой о чем-то (например, о приеме на работу)
approve of something - to be in favor of something Her father doesn't approve of her boyfriend. Her mother doesn't approve of smoking. одобрять кого-то / что-то
argue about something - to disagree or quarrel about something What are they arguing about? He is always arguing about something. спорить о чем-то, ссориться о чем-то
argue with someone - to quarrel with someone Stop arguing with me! спорить, ссориться с кем-то
arrive in (some city) - to come to some city, usually by transportation They arrived in London by train yesterday. We arrived in Chicago in the evening. прибыть в какой-то город, обычно транспортом
ask about someone / something - to ask for information about someone or something He asked me about my relatives. He asked me about my future plans. спросить о ком-то / чем-то
ask for something - to request something He asked for a cup of coffee. He asked for a permission to leave. попросить о чем-то
be above someone / something - to be higher than (literally and figuratively) The painting is above the mantelpiece. The Financial Director is above the Financial Manager. The weight of this box is above 100 kilos. He is above suspicion. быть выше кого-то / чего-то (буквально и в переносном смысле)
be after - to be later than the specified hour It was after 11 at night. It is 10 (minutes) after 5. быть позже какого-то часа
be against something - to oppose something I am against your plan. быть против чего-то
be into something - to be interested in something He is into computers. She is into jazz. интересоваться, увлекаться чем-то
be out of something - not to have We are out of sugar. We are out of time. закончиться (о запасах, времени)
begin with something - to start with something Begin with Chapter 3. начать с чего-то
believe in someone / something - to have faith in someone / something He believes in you. She believes in justice for all. верить в кого-то / что-то
belong to someone - to be property of someone This house belongs to his son. This bag belongs to me. принадлежать кому-то
blame someone for something - to say that someone is responsible for something wrong She blamed him for the loss of her bag. He is to blame for this terrible mistake. винить кого-то в чем-то / за что-то плохое
borrow something from someone - to take and have to give back / pay back I borrowed 50 dollars from Tom. I borrowed a bicycle from Kate. одолжить что-то у кого-то
break into (a house) - to get in by force They broke into the house at night. вломиться силой в (дом)
call someone at (this telephone number) - to dial the number and speak to someone Call me at 555-3246. позвонить кому-то по какому-то номеру телефона
care about someone / something - 1. to like; 2. to be interested in something 1. He cares about his little sister. 2. I don't care about your opinion. 1. любить кого-то /что-то; 2. интересоваться чем-то
care for someone / something - 1. to like; 2. to want; 3. to look after someone / something 1. He cares for his little sister. 2. Do you care for a drink? 3. Will you care for my cat while I'm away? 1. любить кого-то / что-то; 2. хотеть чего-то; 3. присмотреть за, позаботиться о ком-то / чем-то
change something for something - to exchange for, trade for something Can I change this bag for that one? Could I change these dollars for euros, please? обменять что-то на что-то
1. change into something - to put on a new set of clothes; 2. change into someone / something - to turn into, to convert into someone / something different 1. I need to change into warmer clothes. 2. The little boy in the fairy tale was changed into a monster. I'd like to change these dollars into pounds, please. 1. переодеться в другую одежду; 2. превратить кого-то / что-то в кого-то / что-то другое
charge for something - to ask as a price for service or goods How much do you charge for a single room? просить цену за услуги или товары
check (new words) in / with a dictionary / reference book Check this word in the dictionary. You'd better check this information in an encyclopedia. проверить (новые слова и др.) в словаре, справочнике
check into (a hotel, a hospital) - to register at arrival We checked into a hotel at night. She checked into a hospital 2 days ago. регистрироваться при размещении (в гостинице, больнице)
check out of (a hotel) - to pay the bill and leave (the hotel) I checked out of the hotel at noon. выписаться из (гостиницы)
come across something - to find by chance Yesterday I came across an interesting article on vegetarian cooking. наткнуться на (информацию, статью и т.д.)
come from (some place) - to be from (some place) He comes from a small town in France. быть родом из (какого-то места)
come into (some place) - to enter Mary came into the room. войти в (какое-то место)
come to something - to reach (place, result, position, state, etc.) She came to Moscow yesterday. The bill comes to $50. The struggle came to an end in July. The military came to power in 1978. He fainted, but quickly came to himself / to his senses. прийти к (какому-то месту, результату, положению и т.д.)
comment on something - to give one's opinion about something He commented on the current situation. комментировать что-то
compare someone / something with someone / something - to examine to see the difference or similarity Compare this car with that car. This writer is often compared with Leo Tolstoy. сравнить кого-то / что-то с кем-то / чем-то, чтобы увидеть разницу или сходство
complain about something - to be dissatisfied with something She is always complaining about her job. She complained about her noisy neighbor. жаловаться о / на что-то / кого-то
complain to someone - to report a complaint to somebody Complain to the manager (about it). Complain to the police about his actions. пожаловаться кому-то
concentrate (something) on something - to give full attention to something They concentrated their efforts on getting the contract. I am trying to concentrate on my work. концентрироваться (что-то) на чем-то
congratulate someone on something - to express praise to someone for success in something I congratulated him on his new job. He congratulated her on her excellent exam results. поздравить кого-то с чем-то / по случаю чего-то успешного
connect to - to join two things together Are you connected to the Internet? Can you connect me to Mr. Cole? подсоединить к чему-то, соединять с чем-то / кем-то
connect with - 1. to have a connection with; 2. to join two things together 1. This bank is connected with several big banks. Her work is connected with music. 2. Can you connect me with Mr. Cole? 1. иметь связь с чем-то; 2. соединять с чем-то / кем-то
consent to something - to agree to something Her father consented to her marriage. дать согласие на что-то
consist of - to be composed of (parts, ingredients) Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. The book consists of 5 chapters. состоять из (частей, ингредиентов)
contribute something to something - to give (money, time, etc.) He contributed a lot of money, time and effort to this research. делать вклад во что-то
correspond with someone - to be in correspondence with He corresponds with many famous people. переписываться с кем-то
count on someone - to depend / rely on someone You can always count on me for help. рассчитывать на кого-то
count to (some number) - to count Close your eyes and count to 10. считать до (какого-то числа)
dedicate something to someone / something - 1. to devote one's time to someone / something; 2. to do something in honor of someone 1. This scientist dedicated his whole life to research. 2. He dedicated his latest novel to his daughter. 1. посвятить свое время кому-то / чему-то; 2. посвятить что-то кому-то, сделать что-то в честь кого-то
depart for (some place) - to leave for (some place) The train departs for Paris at 6 o'clock. отбыть в (какое-то место)
depart from (some place) - to leave (some place) The train departs from Rome at 6:30. отбыть из (какого-то места)
depend on someone / something - 1. to be conditioned by; 2. to rely on, to count on someone 1. It depends on the weather. 2. You can always depend on him. 1. зависеть от кого-то / чего-то; 2. положиться на кого-то
devote (life, time, energy) to someone / something - to spend much time on something This scientist devoted his whole life to research. He devotes his Sundays to children. посвятить (жизнь, время, энергию) кому-то / чему-то
disagree about / on something - to have different opinions They disagree about everything. They often disagree on the way children should be raised. не соглашаться (друг с другом) по каким-то вопросам
disagree with someone / something - to have a different opinion from someone else I disagree with you about it. I disagree with your plan. 1. не соглашаться с кем-то / чем-то
do without something - to live without something We have to do without chocolate. обойтись без чего-то
drive at - to drive at a certain speed He was driving at 70 miles per hour when the accident happened. ехать с какой-то скоростью
drop out of school - to quit school He dropped out of school when he was 15. бросить школу, институт
equip someone / something with something - to provide with necessary things The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances. They equipped the expedition with tools and maps. оборудовать, снарядить, обеспечить чем-то
excuse someone for something - to forgive someone for something Please excuse me for being late. Excuse me for interrupting you, but could you give me a copy of the report? извинить кого-то за что-то
expect something from someone - to expect (good work, results, etc.) Don't expect good work from him, he is lazy and careless. I expected more from her. ожидать чего-то от кого-то
explain something to someone - to make clear Can you explain this task to the students? объяснить что-то кому-то
fall in love with someone or something - to begin to love They fell in love and got married. He fell in love with Mary. She fell in love with jazz music. влюбиться в кого-то или что-то
fall over something - to trip over something and fall He fell over a stair and hurt his knee. споткнуться о что-то и упасть
feel about - to have an opinion about How do you feel about his new plan? иметь мнение о чем-то
forget about someone / something Sorry, I forgot about your request. забыть о ком-то / чем-то
forgive someone for something Please forgive me for losing your book. простить кому-то что-то
get into something - to enter (place, state, etc.) Get into the car! She doesn't get into town often. He got into trouble. войти в (какое-то место, положение)
get off the bus, train, plane - to leave the bus, train, plane He got off the train at the River Station. сойти с автобуса, поезда, самолета
get on the bus, train, plane - to take a bus, train, plane He got on the bus on Maple Avenue. сесть на автобус, поезд, самолет
get out of (some place) - to exit Get out of the house! He got out of the car and walked to the bank. выйти наружу, выбраться из чего-то наружу
get over something - to recover from an illness or bad experience You'll get over it soon. I'm glad you got over your illness so quickly. преодолеть, оправиться после болезни или неприятности
get through something - to go through something The refrigerator won't get through this narrow door. I don't know how he got through college, he never studied. пройти сквозь / через что-то
get to (some place) - to reach (some place) We got to London at night. добраться до (какого-то места)
give something to someone - to present, to hand something to someone / something Give the book to Ann. She often gives to charity. Give my regards to your family. He gives all his time to work. дать, подарить, передать, вручить что-то кому-то / чему-то
go by - 1. to go past someone / something, pass by; 2. to travel using some transport 1. She went by me without saying hello. 2. He always goes to work by train. 1. пройти мимо кого-то / чего-то; 2. ездить каким-то транспортом
go down (the stairs, road, etc.) - 1. to descend; 2. to go along the street 1. Go down the stairs and turn right. 2. He went down the street to the bank. 1. спускаться (по ступенькам и т.д.); 2. идти вдоль по улице
go for something - to go and do something Let's go for a walk. Let's go for a drive. пойти делать что-то
go into something - 1. to enter; 2. to examine in detail 1. He went into that building. 2. I can't go into your report now. 1. войти; 2. детально изучить или обсудить
go over / through something - to review, to look through something Go over / through these chapters again. перечитать, просмотреть что-то
go through something - 1. to move through, pass through something; 2. to look through something 1. The refrigerator won't go through this narrow door. She went through the park. He's gone through a lot of suffering. 2. Go through these chapters again. 1. пройти сквозь что-то; 2. просмотреть что-то
go to (some place) - to reach, visit, travel to, attend (some place) Go to bed. Go to page 9. He went to the bank. He went to Rome last year. Her son goes to law school. I have to go to work now. Does this bus go to the center? пойти / посетить / поехать куда-то, в какое-то место
go up (the stairs, the hill, etc.) - to climb (the stairs, the hill, etc.) We went up the stairs to the third floor. Jack and Jill went up the hill. подниматься, взбираться по чему-то / на что-то
graduate from (school) - to finish school He graduated from college in 1997. окончить школу, институт
happen to someone What happened to Tom? He looks awful. случиться с кем-то
have something against someone - to have a reason to be against What do you have against my plan? He has a couple of things against you. иметь что-то против кого-то / чего-то
hear about someone / something - to learn about someone /something Have you heard about the accident? слышать о ком-то / чем-то
hear from someone - to have news from someone I haven't heard from him in years. иметь известия от кого-то
help someone with something - to assist someone with something What can I help you with? He helped me with my report /with my work. помочь кому-то с чем-то (в чем-то)
hint at something - to suggest something indirectly What are you hinting at? He hinted at this possibility. намекать на что-то
hint to someone - to suggest something indirectly to someone He hinted to me that he wanted to buy that house. намекать кому-то
inform someone about / of something - to tell someone about something He informed the committee about his decision to resign from his post. сообщить кому-то о чем-то
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