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Phrasal Verbs with Postpositions: Short List 2

Фразовые глаголы с послелогами: Краткий список 2

Verbs, with definitions Examples Translation
knock out - to defeat, to cause to stop functioning The blow knocked him out. Her beauty knocked him out. сразить, поразить (букв. / фигур.)
lay off - 1. to reduce staff or dismiss workers temporarily; 2. (slang) to stop bothering someone 1. The factory didn't make any profit last year, and many workers were laid off. 2. Lay off, dude, or I'll call the police! 1. сокращать штат работников, временно увольнять; 2. (сленг) прекратить приставать к кому-то
leave out - to omit, exclude He left out several important facts in his report. пропустить, опустить
let down - to fail someone You let me down last time, don't fail me again. подвести, не выполнить ожидаемое
let in - to allow to come in Please open the door and let me in. впустить (кого-то)
let out - to allow to get out Please open the door and let me out. выпустить (кого-то)
lock up - to close using a lock He forgot to lock up the house before he left. The police caught the robber and locked him up. запереть что-то / кого-то; заключить в тюрьму
look around - to see what is around He came in and looked around. Can I help you? - No, thank you, I'm just looking around. оглядеться, осматриваться
look back - to turn back and look He looked back, but she was gone. оглянуться
look forward to something - to expect with eagerness I'm looking forward to your letter. ожидать с нетерпением
look out - to watch out, be careful Look out! There's a big dog right behind you! Look out! The bus is coming. остерегаться, быть осторожным
look up - 1. to direct the eyes upward; 2. to search for some information in a reference book 1. He put aside his newspaper and looked up. 2. Look up this information in the encyclopedia. Look up the new words in the dictionary. Look them up. 1. направить взгляд вверх; 2. искать какую-то информацию в справочнике
make up - 1. to compose, create (a story, plan, etc.); 2. to apply cosmetics; 3. to become friends again 1. Make up a story about your summer vacation. 2. She made up her eyes and lips. Her face was made up heavily. 3. Tom and Liz had a terrible fight, but they made up yesterday. 1. составить (рассказ, план и т.д.); 2. накладывать косметику; 3. помириться
move in - to begin to reside in some place Our new neighbors have just moved in. въехать (в квартиру, дом)
move out - to leave one's place of residence They moved out; I don't know their new address. выехать (из квартиры, дома)
move over - to move and give space Can you move over a little? подвинуться
pass away - to die He passed away several years ago. умереть
pass by - to go by, to pass Years pass by, people get older. идти, проходить (о времени)
pass out - to lose consciousness She passed out, call the ambulance. потерять сознание
pay back - 1. to repay, return a debt; 2. to get even with someone 1. He paid back all his debts. 2. You should pay him back for what he did to you. 1. вернуть долг; 2. свести счеты, отплатить за плохое
pay off - 1. to repay a debt in full; 2. to bribe 1. He paid off all his debts. 2. He was paid off to be silent. 1. выплатить долг полностью; 2. дать взятку
pay up - to pay fully He must pay up, or we will take him to court. She hasn't paid up her bill. расплатиться полностью
pick out - to select She picked out 2 scarves for her new coat. выбрать
pick up - 1. to lift; 2. to collect someone /something by car 1. He bent down and picked up a penny from the ground. 2. I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock. 1. подобрать (поднять); 2. заехать за кем-то
point out - to draw attention to something I'd like to point out several important facts in this report. указать на, привлечь внимание к чему-то
pull in - to come to some place (about a train, bus, car) The bus pulled in at 3 o'clock and the passengers started to get off. подъехать (о поезде, автобусе, машине)
pull off - 1. to take off (boots, sweater, etc.); 2. to leave (about a train, bus, car) 1. She pulled off her heavy boots and put on her slippers. 2. The bus pulled off a minute before I came to the bus stop. 1. снять (стаскивая с себя); 2. отъехать (о поезде, автобусе, машине)
pull out - 1. to take out; 2. to leave (about a train, bus, car) 1. He pulled out a knife and threatened to kill them. 2. The bus for Detroit pulled out at 4:30. 1. вынуть, вытащить; 2. выехать (о поезде, автобусе, машине)
pull over - to drive to the side of the road and stop the car at the curb The traffic police officer ordered us to pull over. Pull over at the bank, please. свернуть на обочину и остановиться (о машине)
pull through - to survive I hope he will pull through. выжить
pull oneself together - to regain self-control Stop crying and pull yourself together. взять себя в руки
pull together - to work together as a team We will overcome the difficulties if we all work together. работать сообща, как одна команда
pull up - 1. to lift by pulling; 2. to stop (about a car) 1. He pulled the rope up. He pulled up and got inside through the window. 2. I was standing at the curb when a car pulled up in front of me. 1. тянуть вверх; подтягиваться; 2. остановиться (о машине)
push away - to move something / someone away from oneself She pushed away her plate and stood up. His words pushed her away. оттолкнуть что-то / кого-то (букв. / фигур.)
put aside - 1. to set aside; 2. to save; 3. to disregard something on purpose 1. Put aside your newspaper and listen to me. 2. She's been putting aside a hundred dollars every month for her trip to Rome. 3. Let's put our differences aside and work out a plan that can save our company. 1. отложить в сторону; 2. копить; 3. намеренно оставить что-то без внимания
put away - to remove, take away Your clothes are all over this place; can you put them away? убрать что-то
put back - to return something to its place Put my calculator back after you use it. положить обратно (на место)
put down - 1. to lower something; 2. to write down 1. Put your bag down. He put down the telephone receiver. 2. I put down the figures that she dictated. 1. положить, опустить; 2. записать
put off - to postpone Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Don't put it off. откладывать на более поздний срок
put on - 1. to dress; 2. to gain weight 1. She put on her coat and went out. 2. He put on 10 kilos in half a year. 1. надевать; 2. прибавить в весе
put out - to extinguish (fire, cigarette, light) Put out the light before you leave. Put out your cigarette, please. погасить, потушить (огонь, сигарету, свет)
put up with something - to tolerate something I'm not going to put up with his rudeness. терпеть, сносить
run away - to escape (from) When he was 15, he ran away from home. His dog ran away. убежать, сбежать
run out - 1. to get out; 2. to end (about time, supplies) 1. The doors opened and people ran out. My coffee ran out and I had to make new coffee. 2. His contract runs out next year. Please hurry, our time is running out. 1. выбежать (о людях, жидкости и др.); 2. закончиться, истечь (о сроке, времени, запасах)
run over - to knock down with a car The poor dog was run over by a speeding car. переехать кого-то
see you around Bye! See you around! Увидимся! / Пока.
see someone off - to go to the place of departure and say goodbye I went to the airport to see him off. I saw him off to the airport. проводить и попрощаться
set apart - 1. to reserve (money) for future use; 2. to be different from other things or people 1. He set apart some money for his trip to Australia. 2. Her great sense of humor and quick wit set her apart from many other girls of her age. 1. отложить (деньги) для использования в будущем; 2. выделять(ся), отличаться от других
set aside - 1. to put aside; 2. to reserve for someone; 3. to disregard something on purpose 1. Set aside your newspaper and listen to me. 2. I asked the salesclerk to set aside this ring for me. 3. Let's set our differences aside and work out a plan that can save our company. 1. отложить в сторону; 2. отложить что-то для кого-то; 3. намеренно оставить что-то без внимания
set back - to set the time to an earlier time When he arrived in New York, he set his watch back 8 hours. переводить часы назад
set forward - to set the time to a later time When she arrived in Moscow, she set her watch forward 2 hours. переводить часы вперед
set up - 1. to establish, arrange, organize, construct (a business, a company, an appointment, a record, etc.); 2. to maneuver and trick someone 1. He set up this company 50 years ago. He set up an interview for her. He set up a tent in the woods and lived there in summer. He set up a record in marathon running. 2. He is innocent, he was set up by his competitors. 1. учредить, устроить, организовать, установить (предприятие, компанию, встречу, рекорд и т.д.); 2. подставить кого-то
show off - to try to impress someone, to boast I think he invited us to show off his new house. He always shows off before the girls. выставлять напоказ, хвастаться (чем-то перед кем-то)
show up - to appear, arrive He showed up after 10 o'clock! I waited for an hour, but he didn't show up. появиться, прийти
shut down - 1. to close down; 2. to switch off electricity 1. The plant was shut down recently and the workers lost their jobs. 2. They shut down the power again. 1. закрыть предприятие (прекратить работу); 2. выключить электричество
shut up - 1. to lock, to be locked; 2. (rude) to close one's mouth 1. The store was shut up for three days. 2. Now shut up and listen. 1. запереть, быть под замком; 2. (грубо) закрыть рот, заткнуться
sit down - to take a seat Please come in and sit down. сесть, присесть
sit up - 1. to rise to a sitting position (from lying); 2. to stay up; 3. to sit upright 1. She helped the old man to sit up in his bed. 2. I sat up late yesterday because I had to finish my report. 3. Sit up, don't slouch. 1. принять сидячее положение (из лежачего); 2. не ложиться спать допоздна; 3. сидеть прямо, не горбясь
slip out - to slip outside (about objects, people, facts, secrets, etc.) The note probably slipped out when I dropped my bag. It was dark in the house and the robbers slipped out quietly. He didn't tell anyone about the accident, but this information slipped out somehow. выскользнуть наружу (о предметах, людях, фактах, секретах и т.д.)
slow down - to reduce the speed of something The car slowed down before the turn. You live like there's no tomorrow, you have to slow down. замедлить скорость, темп чего-то
speak up - 1. to speak louder; 2. to express one's opinion openly 1. Please speak up, I can't hear you. 2. Many people are against it, but not many of them are ready to speak up. 1. говорить громче; 2. открыто высказаться
stand back - to move back Stand back, people, this thing may be dangerous! отодвинуться назад
stand by - 1. to stand near some place; 2. to wait, to be ready for some action 1. I asked the man who was standing by what happened. 2. Please stand by, our operator will speak with you in a moment. 1. стоять поблизости; 2. ожидать, быть наготове для какого-то действия
stand out - to be noticeable (about people, objects) The black letters stood out clearly on the light-blue background. He is the kind of man who stands out in any group of people. выделяться, быть заметным (о людях, предметах)
stand up - to rise He stood up to shake her hand. встать, подняться (на ноги)
start out - to begin a journey We started out early in the morning. отправиться в путь
stay away from someone / something - to keep away from someone / something She always tries to stay away from the crowds. Stay away from that guy, he is dangerous. Stay away from the river! держаться подальше от чего-то
stay up - not to go to bed till very late I stayed up late yesterday because I had to finish my report. не ложиться спать допоздна
stop by - to come by, drop by Can you stop by on your way home, I have something to tell you. зайти, заглянуть ненадолго
switch off - to turn off He washed his face and switched off the water. Switch off the light, please. выключить
switch on - to turn on He switched on the water and washed his face. Switch on the light, please. включить
take back - to take, accept He took back his bicycle. She will never take him back after what he did. He took back his words and apologized. взять назад, принять обратно
take off - 1. to remove (clothes); 2. to lift off 1. He took off his coat. 2. The plane took off at 7 o'clock. 1. снять (одежду); 2. взлететь (о самолете)
take out - to take something out of something She took out her wallet. Please take out the garbage. вынуть, вынести
take over - to take control When the boss is away, James takes over the company. принимать на себя руководство над чем-то
talk back to someone - to answer rudely Don't talk back to the teacher! возражать, дерзить кому-то
talk over - to discuss I talked it over with my family. обсудить
tear down - to take down, to demolish That building was torn down last year. снести, демонтировать
tear off - to tear from He tore off his jacket and jumped into the water. He tore off a piece of paper and wrote his telephone on it. сорвать (обертку, одежду), оторвать
tear out - to rip from I wonder why he tore out page 5. He tore out a piece of paper and wrote his telephone on it. вырвать из
tear up - to destroy by tearing into pieces She tore up his letter angrily. порвать, разорвать
tell apart - to see the difference Can you tell the twins apart? различить, найти различие
think over - to consider carefully I thought over your plan. I thought it over. обдумать
think up - to make up (a plan, idea, etc.) He thought up a clever plan how to become rich, but it didn't work. задумать, придумать (план, идею и т.д.)
throw out - to throw away, to get rid of Throw out the garbage, please. Why don't you throw out this junk? выбросить
throw up - to vomit He had a fever, a runny nose, a sore throat, and he threw up several times. вырвать (т.е. рвота)
try on - to put on new clothes to see if they fit She tried on a black coat, but it didn't fit. примерить новую одежду
try out - to test I tried out the washing machine you recommended and liked it very much. испытать, испробовать
turn around - to turn and face what's behind He turned around and faced the man who was running after him. обернуться, развернуться
turn away He said hello to her, but she turned away as if she hadn't heard him. отвернуться
turn back - to turn and go back I turned back because I left my wallet. Everything is set, you can't turn back now. повернуть назад (букв. / фигур.)
turn down - to decline, to refuse She turned down his invitation to visit his house. He turned down their offer. отклонить (предложение)
turn off - to switch off He washed his face and turned off the water. Turn off the light, please. выключить
turn on - to switch on He turned on the water and washed his face. Turn on the light, please. включить
turn out - to appear to be He turned out to be a friendly young man. He turned out to be a good actor. оказаться (кем-то, каким-то)
wake up - to awake He wakes up at 7 o'clock. Why did you wake me up so early? проснуться, разбудить
watch out - to look out, be careful Watch out! There's a big dog right behind you! Watch out! The bus is coming. остерегаться, быть осторожным
welcome back - to greet someone's return After 2 years of absence, we are happy to welcome back Lena Brown! приветствовать возвращение кого-то
work out - 1. to devise, invent (a plan, an idea); 2. to solve (a problem or difficulty); 3. to train at the gym 1. We need to work out a plan how to save our friend. 2. Don't worry, everything will work out. Our plan worked out nicely. 3. He often works out at the gym. 1. разработать, придумать (план, идею); 2. уладить, разрешить (проблему, трудность); 3. тренироваться в спортзале
write down - to put in writing Write down your task for tomorrow. записать
write in - to add something into a written text Write in your name and address, please. Write in the latest data. вписать, вставить в текст
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